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Olafur Kristmundsson

Partner and Managing Director

 Olafur Kristmundsson is the Owner of BRANDSVIK. With investment banking background he has experience in leading M&A transactions, project financing and securities listing. As well he was managing director of a venture capital company, investment officer and CFO for travel and aviation related companies. In 2016 Olafur Kristmundsson founded BRANDSVIK to serve as independent financial advisor. He holds M.Sc. in industrial engineering from Technical University of Denmark and is a certified securities broker. +354 8997412 

Arnthor Thordarsson


Arnthor Thordarson has worked as an advisor in various fields including engineering advisory, financial planning, project financing, geothermal energy projects and feasibility studies. He worked as consultant for the World Bank and was employed in Nordic Development Fund as a loan portfolio manager for 17 projects in Africa and was working as a loan manager for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in various energy projects in East Europe. Arnthor Thordarson holds an MBA from London Business School and M.Sc. in electrical engineering from University of Iceland. +354 820 1680

Bjorgolfur Thorsteinsson


Bjorgolfur Thorsteinsson worked since 2001 as an independent financial advisor for companies and high net worth individuals. Previously he worked for various banks in London including Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Banque Paribas and Scandinavian Bank. His projects included cross border M&A activities, strategic planning, deal structuring, valuations, corporate lending and project financing. He as well worked for the World Bank in financial policy and macro analysis. Bjorgolfur Thorsteinsson holds an MBA from The Wharton School, PA, USA and is a B.A. Macalester, MN, USA. +354 864 5866 
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